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International Conference on Pediatrics and Neonatology. Enlighten the New Trends in Pediatrics and Neonatology

19 ноября 2019 года

Dates: May 18-19, 2020 Venue: Crowne Plaza Miami Airport, Miami, USA

We take great delight in welcoming academicians, researchers, scientists, scholars, experts of application fields, young researchers and students to Miami, USA for the “International Conference on Pediatrics and Neonatology(ICPN-2020)” to promote the progress in the pediatrics and neonatology field by contributing with your expertise to what promises to be a very wonderful meeting and to enjoy the massive and wonderful landscape of Miami.

“International Conference on Pediatrics and Neonatology (ICPN-2020)” Which will be held at Miami, USA during May 18-19 2020. ICPN-2020 will attracting global participant’s intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues of Pediatrics and Neonatology related research and latest developments. ICPN-2020 is surrounded with the theme “Enlighten the New Trends in Pediatrics and Neonatology” event will have highly classified plenary speakers, Keynote speakers, active Invited speakers, fresh contributed speakers and poster presentations in addition of workshops along with panel discussion.

Why to Attend?

  • Meet worldwide Experts
  • Greater Focus
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Learn skills and stay up-to-date
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Learn beyond your field or interest
  • New Tips & Tactics

More info on: https://phronesisonline.com/pediatrics-neonatology-conference/index.php

Contact Email: icpn@phronesisonline.org

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Новые разработки «Генериума» получили разрешение на проведение клинических испытаний

Ученые владимирской фармацевтической компании «Генериум» разработали оригинальные препараты для лечения тяжелых орфанных заболеваний — синдрома Хантера и наследственного ангионевротического отека. Разработки получили разрешение на проведение клинических испытания, сообщил Министр здравоохранения РФ Михаил Мурашко.

17th International Conference on Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology

International Conference on Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology is going to be held in Prague, Czech Republic from March 09-10, 2020. From interactive, hands-on workshops to plenary sessions covering hot topics in pediatrics, Here we extend you a warm welcome on behalf of esteemed organization Europe Conferences to all Researchers, Doctors, Students, Professors and all the interested people in pediatrics from all over the world for our 17th International Conference on Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology.

29th World Neonatal, Pediatric and Family Medicine Conference

ME Conferences is delighted to announce the next event "29th World Neonatal, Pediatric and Family Medicine Conference" to be held on March 19-20, 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

Clinical Pediatrics 2020

International Conference on Clinical Pediatrics which will take place in the month of June 15-16, 2020 | Vancouver BC, Canada. With the theme “Enlightening the advancements and exploring the new horizons in Pediatrics”.
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