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EAPS 2020 Abstract Submission Extended

3 апреля 2020 года

The EAPS 2020 Organizing Committee understands the very challenging physical and mental situation the COVID-19 pandemic has created for many of us globally.

As challenging as 2020 will be for all of us, it is important to look ahead and make sure that we still get the chance to meet and discuss the latest research in our field. EAPS 2020 will be a large and important meeting addressing the most up to date issues including research on hot topics related to COVID-19.

Given the global impact of the COVID-19 crisis, we believe now more than ever that advancing medical science through international collaboration is crucial!

We urge you to participate fully in EAPS 2020. Take pride in your contribution. It is for this reason that we have decided to
extend abstract submission to May 18, 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you about your important findings.

The New Deadline is now May 18, 2020.

You still can submit your abstracts here

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Синдром оральной аллергии: каждый пятый пациент с поллинозом страдает аллергией на фрукты

Одной из наиболее часто встречающихся форм аллергии является поллиноз – аллергия на пыльцу. По приблизительным подсчетам каждый третий человек с поллинозом реагирует на пыльцу березы – эта форма поллинозы является самой распространенной в России.

Join the EAPS Community Online

The final countdown to the EAPS 2020 Virtual Congress has already begun! You still have a chance to join the EAPS community, which will discuss the latest science in the area of child health. The adventure begins this Friday, October 16, 2020.
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